Home is your place to recharge, to relax and draw back from the busy-ness. Home is your private, personal space. Your artwork, your music, your things…We live in our homes surrounded by our favorite possessions in some measure of control over the pace, the volume, the scent and the scenery within our walls.

Failing to personalize our home space is a wasted opportunity. What pictures are on your walls? Look more critically at your choice of wall decor and you may see that these images don’t uplift you, don’t feel like the images to enhance your life. You may have had the same old stuff staring back at you for twenty years. You may have some grim-faced older relatives looking down on you.

Take down old artwork. Rethink what you have on your walls so that you are reminded of who you are becoming, who you are at your best, rather than who you were many years ago. Remove cheap prints that have no meaning. Remove your college diploma. Remove reminders of the old you.

Feng shui (fung shway) is the ancient art of placement, of rearranging your stuff to enhance the energy in your space. I like The Western Guide to Feng Shui as a good starting place for optimizing your home interior. After reading that book I removed depressing items from my living space and I rearranged the best of my household artwork. That simple act of rearranging your stuff to improve your home is empowering and leads to other acts of making your home reflect who you are now.

New artwork can be placed into old frames. New frames can be purchased to dress up your better pieces of art. Painting one wall of a room a bolder accent color can add dimension and make a special piece of art “pop”. Buying some inexpensive spot lights at Home Depot to light up your favorite artwork will give you new visual appreciation of your home and have your family and friends complimenting your nice artwork.

Finally, most people hang pictures a few inches too high. Try moving your best artwork to new walls looking to place vertical pieces onto vertical expanses of wall and horizontal artwork onto walls that read horizontally. Set artwork a bit lower. Try to establish a color or thematic setup in your rearranging.

Surround yourself with the best you have and give your least favorite art to someone else to enjoy. Remove anything in your living space that has any negative association so that you your home blesses you visually. Be happy at home.